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90 Grad Bar Aarau - Posts Facebook FC Rapperswil-Jona vs Aarau H2H ead to Head FC Aarau live score, schedule and results - Football Aarau (German pronunciation:, locally ræ) is a town, a municipality, and the capital of the northern Swiss canton of Aargau. The town is also the capital of the district of Aarau. It is German-speaking and predominantly Protestant. Canton of Aargau - Wikipedia Flash Matin Carnet d'adresses et Bons Plans pr 90 Grad Bar Aarau, Aarau. Best of Swiss Gastro 2007 / Best designbar of Switzerland 2009 / 101 Besten Bars der Schweiz. Aarau, the capital of the Canton of Aargau in the Swiss Mittelland, is located on the River Aare to which the town and canton owe their name.

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The wooden bridge, dating from the Middle Ages, across the Aare was destroyed by floods three times in thirty years, and was replaced with a steel suspension bridge in 1851. The next three most popular parties were the SP/PS (18.0 the FDP (11.5) and the CVP (10.6). The Aarau fair is held at the ice skating rink during the Spring. To the west lie the Swiss cantons of Basel-Landschaft, Solothurn and Bern ; the canton of Lucerne lies south, and Zürich and Zug to the east. Retrieved full citation needed Department of Finance and Resources (2013b). However, in the 17th and 18th centuries Bern encouraged industrial development in Unteraargau and by the late 18th century it was the most industrialized region in the city-state.


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Historical Dictionary of Switzerland. 11 In the First War of Villmergen, in 1656, and the Toggenburg War (or Second War of Villmergen in 1712, the Freie Ämter became the staging ground for the warring Reformed and Catholic armies. 4 Federal Department of Statistics 20b c d e f g Swiss Federal Statistical Office 2013 full citation needed a b c d e Federal Department of Statistics 2000 a b Steigmeier 2010 Federal Department of Statistics 2011 Federal Department of Statistics 2011a Heer 2013. The "Schlössli" is the oldest building in the city. Retrieved full citation needed Department of Finance and Resources (2013d). By Mid-March 1798 Aarau was occupied by French troops. Who Was Who in America, Historical Volume, (Revised.). During the 1980s many of the industries left Aarau completely. The former cantons of Baden and Fricktal can still be identified with the contemporary districts the canton of Baden is covered by the districts of Zurzach, Baden, Bremgarten, and Muri (albeit with the gains and losses of 1803 detailed above the canton of Fricktal. 21 There were 69,062 households that consist of only one person and 16,254 households with five or more people. The idea of merging Aarau with its neighboring suburbs has been recently discussed in the hope of arresting the slowly progressing losses. 8 The important city of Baden was taken by a united Swiss army and governed by all 8 members of the Confederation. "stat-TAB: Die interaktive Statistikdatenbank" stat-TAB: The interactive statistical database.

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