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falling off Nov 9, 1944. Returned Sep 1, 1945. Macr (463rd BG, 774th BS) lost Mar 24, 1945. TDY to Wyton, England Sep51-Dec51 To the Hayes Aircraft Corporation, Birmingham, AL Accident 2Dec53 taxying at Birmingham Municipal Airport,.

Www 5a7 com la roche sur yon - Déjà 53 annonces

14344 (435th FS, 479th FG, 8th AF) crashed after midair collision over England Dec 11, 1944. 13764 (1st Scouting Force, 364th FG) crashed.5 km NW of Waldenbach, 10 km NW of Weilburg, Germany due to lack of fuel because fuel selector switch was frozen and broke off when pilot tried to switch fuel tanks Feb 15, 1945. Macr (MSN 5323) 19916 (MSN 5324) 395th FS, 368th FG, 9th AF; Shot down by German fighter, caught fire and crashed near Kruft, Germany December 23, 1944; Pilot killed. 21819 (MSN N763) Delivered to usaaf 2Dec44. 16957/16968 to usmc as OY-1 02777/ to RAF as Sentinel II KJ448. In 1960 the plane was withdrawn from use and parked in open storage, where it remained until acquired by the Air Force Museum in 1975.

1944 usaaf Serial: Www 5a7 com la roche sur yon

Aircraft caught fire and went straight down and crashed and exploded on impact. SOC Mar 28, to RAF as Mustang IVA KM399. 9057 (MSN 27283) to US Navy as BuNo (MSN 27284) to US Navy as BuNo (MSN 27285) to VC-54E. 8206 (390th BG) to Kingman AAD, sold for salvage Jul 1, (388th BG, 563rd BS) lost Dec 31, 1944. II, serial KL320;.73 Operational Training Unit, Air Command South East Asia, Fayid, Egypt; SOC March 14, (MSN 6358) Lend-Lease to Royal AF as Thunderbolt. 11745 (504th FS, 339th FG, 8th AF) shot down by AAA while strafing locomotive at station in Coburg, Germany Feb 22, 1945. SOC Apr 25, to RAF as Mustang IVA KM439. SOC Dec 22, to raaf as A68-576.

Albert: Www 5a7 com la roche sur yon

13019 to raaf as A68-646. Pilot survived and returned to unit. 11220 (356th FG, 360th FS, 8th AF) crashed from unknown cause at Wittersdorf, 8 km W of Cologne, Germany Feb 20, 1945. SOC Feb 24, to RAF as Mustang IVA KM285. SOC Nov 27, to RAF as Mustang IVA KM104. 11369 (376th FS, 361st FG) in taxiing accident at RAF Great Little Walden airfield, Essex, England Apr 18, 1945. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 Paul Mantz, Glendale, CA, February. To RFC Kingman, AZ 28164 to raaf Jun 1945 as A72-371 - soc 5-52. To NC converted to P-38M-6-LO night fighter 27257 converted to P-38M-6-LO night fighter. SOC Jan 12, to RAF as Mustang IVA KH688.

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