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Football Top 25 (Week 5) A Lot of Sports Alost s 2015 Preseason College Football Top 25 A Lot Passive Guitar Overdrive (Black Ice 5 Steps UCF gave the American Athletic Conference a big non-conference win at Penn State on September 14, but an even bigger scalp awaits for UCF and the AAC this Saturday. Why Oregon in the Playoff: We could talk about Vernon Adams., the talented former Eastern Washington quarterback who now will be replacing Marcus Mariota at quarterback. But let me come at you in a different way about the Ducks, and. A friend of mine brought to my attention a passive guitar effect, called Black Ice which takes the place of the capacitor (or wired with the capacitor) on the tone knob, and when used, gives the guiatr's sound a crunch similar. The price shot back up alost instantly (and. Drop Archives - Buttcoin Foundation Gox had crashed so no one could put in buy orders ar 1 but not before the bitcoin guys also proceeded to freak the fuck out. As I've said before, imho the way things are means that this could happen. If it does happen and we just wait for it as you suggest, it will seriously restrict the potential solutions and it will mean things will ultimately.

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Dinant A clear statement of the outrages at Dinant, which many travellers will recall as a singularly picturesque town on the Meuse, is given by one witness, who says that the Germans began burning houses in the Rue. There's really no reason why the Main Page should not stay right where. Lately I've been copyediting a lot of featured article candidates. Koweja 12:48, (UTC) There is a lot of content in Wikipedia that I consider more appropriate to an almanac. M3tal H3ad 07:41, (UTC) Simple answer: sometimes. There is also a well-attested case of a Red Cross motor car being used to carry ammunition under command of officers. Of the hundreds of people thus taken from the various villages and brought to Louvain as prisoners, some were massacred there, others were forced to march along with citizens of Louvain through various places, some being ultimately sent on the 29th to the Belgian lines. Actually, according to the article, they are born sexless, develop into males, and turn into females if they rise to the top. anything could happen alost It may be that sometimes the bearers were suspected of seeing too much; and it is plain from the general military policy of the German armies that very slight suspicion would be acted on in case of doubt. I have not seen any convincing arguments for why it should be a major disruption. In all wars many shocking and outrageous acts must be expected, for in every large army there must be a proportion of men of criminal instincts whose worst passions are unloosed by the immunity which the conditions of warfare afford. I am getting really tired of a picture of someone who was executed (especially since his head was severed in the process. She was shot by the side of me, and I saw her fall. The only way "consensus" will be determined is by counting heads, and any such vote will result in not moving. The survivors were bayoneted.


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There was disorder and confusion, and at 8 o'clock horses attached to baggage wagons stampeded in the street and rifle fire commenced. A well-educated witness, who visited the Wetteren Hospital shortly after this date saw the dead bodies of a number of civilians belonging to Alost, and other civilians wounded. Personally, I don't want a dab link, but we will have to do so for a while if we follow your suggestion imho. I also wonder if redirects count. Jeltz talk 21:23, (UTC) I've refactored both lists of arguments by grouping them into categories, to facilitate talking about them. This gives approximately equal surfaces on all Featured images: the minimum box is always completely filled (unless the image is very narrow and the extension are allowed either on both left/right sides (when width is greater than height) or on both top/bottom sides of the. The article 'the' is not used consistently throughout its wikiarticle. Near Malines, early in September, about 10 children, roped together, were driven in front of a German force. We took about 1,000 prisoners: at least 500 were shot. Ian Manka 22:34, (UTC) Wikipedia Day Could Template:Main Page banner be edited to indicate that today is Wikipedia:Wikipedia Day?

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I try not only to read but to improve, comment, and congratulate. Just trying to look for any holes in the system. It consisted of cattle trucks, about 100 being in each truck. Tielmans, the Burgomaster's wife, which is printed in the fifth report of the Belgian commission. No need to have a constant reminder that it was once attached to his body. The review violates our Terms of Service. A proclamation issued by General Kolewe on the following day gave the German version of the affair, which was that his troops had been fired on by Russian students. There is also one case of firing from a cottage where the Red Cross flag was flying, and this could not be accidental. Why break thousands of internal and external links? It means free as in freedom, and while Wikipedia is free as in beer (of course, I'd prefer Wikipedia but they're not the same thing ( Gratis versus Libre ).

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